Thursday, January 27, 2011

Saving cash-ola

During Christmas break I was wondering around Target (that's what I do for excitement) and saw a lady flipping through her huge binder full of coupons.  So I knew this was my chance to find out all about the coupon rage.  She explained to me a lot.  A little too much, as I was bored halfway through our conversation, but I will leave my easily irritated personality disorder for another post (or therapy session).  This is what I took from our coversation: 

Get a couple Sunday papers, clip pretty much every coupon
Organize them
Go to different manufacturer's websites and print their coupons
Look at different couponing blogs...they have already listed what hot items to get
Go and conquer

So I tried it.  I checked out this website and ended up getting a few things for pretty cheap.  What I don't like is that it does not work too well with my attempts at eating fresh and local foods.  Sure, I can get a box of cocoa puffs for .75 but that is what I want to fuel my body with.  I will stick with the couponing for toiletries (I got free floss!!) but that's about it at this point.   

What do you do to save money on your grocery bills? 

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  1. Meal planning for a week at a time saves me tons! Had to give up couponing for now cause it made me crazy and have the same problem with trying to avoid processed foods. Plan on preserving from our garden way more this year, too.