Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Sometimes I feel that I am really, really, really weird.   Not "oh look, that girl is a freak," but more of a "what I do in my spare time weird."   Do you ever do things or think things and wonder "am I the only one who is like this?"  Well I am here to share some of my thoughts and doings.  If you find any of the below items gross or odd, please still love me ok?

*I do not like to shower.  I often don't shower.
*I practice singing the National Anthem quite frequently while driving.
*During church I often get the thought "what will they do if I started running around naked?"  And then I smile.
*A couple weeks ago I had the urge to lick the guys hand who had it draped over the pew in front of me. 
*I burp and fluff more than a man.
*I sometimes flip people off under the table during work meetings if they are making me mad.  Mature, I know.
*I become racist at the drop of a hat (only when I visit the outlet malls.)
*I don't know how they ever let me be in charge of a classroom and children's education.
*I tell myself stories.  Outloud sometimes.
*I believe spell check and proof reading is a waste of my time.

Still love me?  Do you have any wierd thoughts/actions?  Come one, let it off your chest!