Thursday, April 14, 2011


My friends.....please clap for me.  I will wait.   Ok, thank you.  I FINISHED MY PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION!!  For a lazy sucker like me, this is very good news! This certification says "good job Kristel, even though you got your teaching certificate and you have been teaching for 4 years, we don't know if you are really qualified to teach so can we please have $625 and we will let you write a long paper."   I won't be too honest about how I made the whole thing up in case a random big-wig decides to read this and send me to jail.  At least I would get free healthcare and get schooling paid for there.  (I will save that rant for another day).  Anywhoo, I am done, done, done with school work for at least 6 months!

 I would like to share some wonderful things that my brain is full of lately. 

*Getting some dreads :)
*Homemade bread
*A plentiful vegetable garden (my seeds are actually coming up!)
* Really learning to sew and actually doing it.
*Crocheting (I gave up on knitting after a drunk lady showed up at my knitting class)
*Having more compassion and being nice
       (conversation while watching some judge show)
      Kristel:  Aaron, do you think I would be a good judge?
      Aaron:  NO
      Kristel:  What??  Why not?
     Aaron:  Because you have no compassion AT ALL.
      Kristel:  Whatever, you're stupid :)

May you not choke on almond skins and may you know if your milk is spoiled before you pour it on your cereal.  Peace


  1. You are awesome for getting that certificate. I have talked about doing it for years. I am just too lazy about school for some reason. Congrats!

  2. Kristel, I love you. I'm so glad you blog. =) I needed a laugh today.

  3. You bring me great, great joy! I love you!! A lot of things on that list I would SOO be a part of - let's get 'er done! xo

  4. Hi there, nice to meet you! Thanks for your sweet comment. :) Congrats on your teaching certificate too.